Honeymooners Forever - 12 step marriage survival guide
Marriage Survival Guide
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Restore the passion, and re-connect again, with:

Honeymooners Forever
12 Step Marriage Survival Guide.

By Phoebe Hutchison (Author / Counsellor / Public Speaker) 
Dip. Prof. Couns. Maj. (Relationships & Conflict Resolution
Childhood Development & Effective Parenting and Grief & Loss)
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12 Easy steps to save your marriage:

In this marriage self help book, I discuss many of problems that most couples experience in their marriages. Everyone in a relationship experiences issues from time to time, and sometimes we just need a little help. I am a believer in a good, simple, strategies. Is your marriage a constant challenge? Have you separated? Do not fear! I have watched relationships transformed in weeks using this strategy... marriages of my clients, my friends, and of course, originally my own marriage! We all need to work at marriage... but many couples simply don't know what to do (I had no idea, and almost lost my marriage, twenty years ago). I've done the hard work, the research...So overcome your relationship hurdles, starting today, by using this proven and simple strategy.

Marriage advice can be great, or it can be harmful. This marriage guide will give you a great starting point... 

Who wants to be stay stuck in an unhappy marriage? You married each other so you could enjoy many happy years together. If you are struggling, get help right now! My book will show you how to fall in love with your partner again, and stay that way. I promise (or you can have your money back).

This marriage book is also a great tool for pre marriage!

Honeymooners Forever Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide contains answers to all these questions:


  • What is the fastest way to transform my marriage?
  • The secrets of happily married couples are...?
  • How can we feel the excitement we had in the beginning?
  • I have fallen out of love with my partner. What should I do?
  • What should I do if my partner ignores all the time? 
  • How do I improve the communication in my marriage?
  • We constantly fight with each other. How do I stop this?
  • How can I get my partner to listen to me?
  • I am married and lonely. Can you help our relationship?
  • Can bad habits be changed by seeing a counsellor?
  • My partner's drinking habits cause a lot of conflict. Help.
  • What marriage advice do you have for his midlife crisis?
  • I'm a prisoner in my marriage. I feel so controlled.
  • Do you have a magic wand for all my partners flaws? 
  • How do I stop the children from ending the romance?
  • Is it worth saving? We never fight, but we are disconnected.
  • I am lost; I feel controlled. How do I get independence?
  • I married a workaholic. What do I do?
  • I have a nightmare mother-in-law? How do I deal with her?
  • Should I leave my violent, emotionally abusive, partner?
  • I'm in an unhappy marriage. Should I leave? 


  • How can I improve the passion in my marriage?
  • I'm no longer attracted to my partner. Can you tell me why?
  • Do you have any suggestions to spice up my marriage?
  • Need more tips on making the bedroom fun again?
  • Is there a cure for low libido in women or men?
  • How do I stop my husband nagging me in the bedroom?
  • How do I encourage my partner to be more interesting?
  • Why has my wife lost her libido? (8 possible solutions).
  • Not in the mood? How can to change a boring marriage. 


  • Marital Affairs: Can my marriage survive this affair? How? 
  • Is my wife having an affair? What are the signs of an affair?
  • Why do affairs happen? Is my husband having an affair?
  • What is an emotional affair? 
  • Am I having an emotional affair?
  • What relationship issues cause some married men to visit sex workers? (Complete interview with a real sex worker).


  • In my book, ALL the ANSWERS to the above are revealed. Save your marriage today, and transform it, with 12 easy steps!

Solve marriage problems

Your marriage has got the potential to be incredible again...But you do need a simple strategy. Honeymooners Forever IS that simple strategy!

Buy This Book Now -
and get the most out of your awesome union
with just a few simple steps (and some hard work).


Be happily married again.
Bring back the sparkle!

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Readers' Testimonials

I just want you to know how much you helped me through the toughest time of my life!! I think back on some of those nights when I had no one to talk to! Please keep up the work that you do! And do let me know when you will be back in the states. I will do my best to get to whereever you are!! I am much better, still up & down some, but MUCH better!!!  Your hubby is a very lucky man, hope he knows that:).

Your friend,
Kylie, Alabama, USA.

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