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Most marriages have the potential to be awesome!

Do you need Relationship Counselling? Well, if you don't live in Bairnsdale, Victoria, you have another option. My relationship guide, which has saved 1,000's of couples, is available NOW!  And my solutions are simple. To have a healthy relationship, you need a rock solid strategy. Discover this strategy today with an ebook or hard copy, or come and see me at Bairnsdale for counselling...

Married life is usually exciting and easy at first, but over time, many couples begin to experience problems in their marriages and need some mariage advice. And why not? No one gave me a marriage manual when I got married in 1991...(that would have come in handy!).

My book will equip you with the tools to quickly work though most marriage problems, and get back to love.

You just need to act fast! Many couples are living as 'roommates', living with daily disconnection; others are fighting like cat and dog. Some couples feel it's perfectly ok to 'never fight'; well it's not ok! It causes resentment and disconnection to creep in...it ruins marriages. You need to know how to communicate, and how to argue. Otherwise, as each day passes, you could be drifting further and further apart from your spouse. You can make a positve step right now, today, in the right direction.

How can these 12 steps help rebuild your marriage?

For a marriage to succeed, you need to work at it

Most people want to feel madly in love with their partner, yet many people feel bored or angry towards their spouses. 

Ultimately, being married (or in a romantic relationship) should equate to feeling totally in love, shouldn't it? Just like when you began your life together. And surely you want a sex life that will make your friends envious? Well, that's great news, as wanting a better marriage is one of the first steps to changing it, so well done! You have the right MINDSET.

Don't wait until you need a divorce, and then start all over again (and possibly make the same mistakes) with somebody else.

Take the first step towards a better marriage HERE, NOW, TODAY.

If you are unhappy in your marriage. If you are considering separation or divorce, then I have some good news:

I have spent twenty years passionately discovering and compiling (and using) the secrets of happily married couples!

I dare not go even 24 hours without using the techniques in Honeymooners Forever! Why? Because I value my marriage too much. I know what works, and I know what doesn't work, so I keep myself (and my clients) on track with these steps. The results are astounding!!

Yes, following a strategy is work, but the work is fun! 

It is more fun to love, than be critical.

It is more fun to hug, than to push him/her away.

It is more fun to be attracted to your partner, than to be repelled by them.

it is more fun to be respected, than put down.
It is more fun to be intimate, than rejected...


Start having fun with your marriage!

By documenting, testing and sharing these secrets with married couples, all the ground work has been done. 

Now you can start using the steps, and transform your marriage, with the flick of a few pages (208 pages), and a little fun work.

My book was written with disconnected married couples in mind.
Don't just save your marriage - transform it!
Why live in a marriage where you are living separate lives, when you can easily re-connect?

The 12 Steps will help you have the marriage of your dreams. How do I know? Well, I have been in the marriage of my dreams since I began using the steps over twenty years ago.


I felt like I was living in a shell of a previously happy marriage.
I felt totally empty.
I had fallen out of love with my husband.
I was married, but had deveopled a crush on someone else (emotional affair).
I was a resentful and unhappy wife.
I would get knots in my stomach just being in the same room as my husband.
I was fighting constantly with my husband.

Many of our family and friends assumed we would get a divorce...but they were wrong...

Now, over fifteen years later, I am with the same husband, yet we totally adore each other. Sure, you still have conflict, but learn how to resolve it fast, and get back to love ASAP!

This book is not a recipe for a cake.

You cannot simply use the steps, and then store them in the top of your pantry to look at in another year. For the best results, keep a copy of the steps on your fridge or in your wallet. Then you can refer to them often, especially if you start arguing with, or feeling distant from, your spouse.

This book is different because when I wrote this book, I was not a counsellor (although I have since became a qualified marriage counsellor), so it is not filled with psychological terminology. It is easy to read, and apply.

* Since writing this book, I have continued my commitment to helping others in their relationships by becoming a counsellor. My qualifications are as follows:

Two Year Diploma in Professional Counselling, with The Australian Institute Professional Counselling. Majors: Relationships & Conflict Resolution, Effective Parenting / Childhood Development and Grief & Loss.

I am NOW working in Bairnsdale, Victoria and Melbourrne, as a relationship and crisis counsellor., 

I am a married, working, mother of two. I can relate to working mothers. Everything I have written about has either worked for me, or for the hundreds of women I have spoken to.

Why am I so passionate about saving marriages?

I love being married and I love the institution of marriage. Having a partner for life, who supports you in your dreams and grows old with you, is simply beautiful. Waking up next to the person you adore, is such a priviledge. It's wonderful to know that at any moment you can put your arms around someone who loves you deeply.

Your spouse knows you better than any one else. They are hopefullu your best friend,  sharing most details of your lives together. You married each other, soul-mates, so that should you need a soft place to fall, your spouse would be there.

Yet, this seemingly perfect match can go wrong, so easily...just by simply arguing ineffectively, not communicating well, or keeping each other inprisoned in the relationship, controlling each other or avoiding each other.

If you want a healthy relationship, you need great communication skills, easy to use techniques, you can start applying right now. 

Even if your partner has had an affair, or you or your wife has low libido, or you are pulling your hair out with frustration...do not despair! You have a choice. You don't have to live in an unhappy marriage. Be transformed, like I was, and like hundreds have, using these simple steps.

If you need extra help, feel free to book in for relationship counselling, where I can give you extra strategies on: conflict resolving, communication, parenting and more...Or, feel free to buy the book, get to know the strategy, and email me if you have an questions.

A marriage is far too often simply thrown away. Most marriages, like diamonds, can be focused on, polished, and sparkle again, with the brilliance of the sun.


Transform your marriage...
starting today!

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Readers' Testimonials

I am so excited about your book. I have ordered it for my wife and I to read together. We have found ourselves in a similar situation to yours, as I just found out my wife had an affair on me after 21 years of being together. We are determined to make our marriage work and have already made great strides in doing so. We are going on a cruise in 20 days and are going to read your book while on the cruise. Thank you for writing it. May your book and our situation be a testimony to others that marriages can work after infidelity.

Thank you,
Dan, Florida, USA.

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