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Book Launch (Australia)

Release date: 22/10/2007

Mother of two writes a "12 step marriage survival book" to help others, after transforming her own previously unhappy marriage a decade ago.

Melbourne mother, who saved her marriage with her own "self made strategy", has recently finished writing a 200 page "twelve step guide," to help others. Her book: Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, gives a fun and honest glimpse, into a serious subject, while providing simple strategies that work.


Phoebe Hutchison, from Melbourne, Australia, first created the steps in the book a decade ago, to save her own failing marriage. The positive changes in her relationship were astounding. During the past three years, while writing the book, Phoebe spoke with many women and men, about their relationship issues. Most of these every-day issues are discussed in the book.


Phoebe visited a brothel and interviewed a sex worker (on why some married men visit brothels), had an insightful interview with a "player", and had a glimpse inside the mind of a mistress. All these interviews, plus real life case studies, and couple quizzes, and are included in the book. While Honeymooners Forever, has already transformed, and saved, problem marriages, some readers are saying the strategies, such as "date nights," and all the fun ideas in the passion chapter, are great for keeping happily married couples on track.


Honeymooners Forever offers sound advice on: improving communication, increasing passion and sex drive, improving the way you are treating each other, avoiding affairs, making quality time a priority, and arguing effectively.


Please contact our office to arrange an interview with Phoebe or to receive your "FREE review copy" of this new book.


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