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Housewife visits brothel to investigate strategies for marital bliss!

Release date: 29/09/2010

Author available now for interview on this very candid and comprehensive, relationship book.

For Immediate Release


(September 2010)

Housewife visits brothel to investigate strategies for marital bliss!    

My name is Phoebe Hutchison. In 1991 I was married, had our first child in 1993, and was ready for divorce by 1995. I was struggling in my empty marriage, fighting constantly, and ready to leave and ended up falling for my workmate. Strangely, this emotional affair was valuable; I realized that my husband possessed all the qualities I wanted in a man – I just had to find a way to fall in love with him again.

Fall in love, I did! The change was miraculous! How, you ask?  Well, I spent many months researching positive thinking books and studying couples, and discovered a simple list of ‘missing ingredients’ in my marriage. When we began my strategy, our marriage was transformed, and we still live ‘as Honeymooners’ fifteen years later, and still madly in love! Inspired by friends, family, and strangers wanting more spice and fewer struggles in their marriages, I decided to put the steps in a book.

Three years later, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, was released (at Book Expo USA 2008), exploring common issues in marriage such as: communication, romance, arguments, independence, affairs, passion, mother-in-laws, money and more. I interviewed women in toilets, pubs, shopping centers, at huge women’s lunches, and on the phone. I interview players (men who can’t remain faithful), a sex worker (on why married men visit brothels), a suburban mistress, a spy for women (woman in the forces). I uncovered secret behaviors/needs of men, many of which most women are not aware of. ** Help your viewers SPICE up their relationships with a few SIMPLE STEPS **

For a media kit (including free books), an interview, or more information, please contact myself or visit: www.honeymoonersforever.com.au for TV footage/photos (Sunrise, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, 9am with David & Kim, Susie Morning Show, Sri Lanka Today), or magazine/newspaper articles, etc,.                                                                          

Thank you for your time.

Phoebe Hutchison
Author of: Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide
Office:  1300 138 046