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Perfect Gift for Men

Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide is the perfect gift for men. Why? Well, so often men do not understand women, and women don't understand men.

This book talks to the male reader in a simple way, yet clearly defines what women expect and want from the relationship.

Suffice to say, by giving Honeymooners Forever to your husband, boyfriend, boss, neighbor, fiancee, nephew, father or any man, you are giving him a chance to become more romantic, communicate better and feel more secure in his relationship.

Men want to fix things.
This book will give men the tools they need to improve (adn fix) their relationship right now.

Perfect Gift for Women

Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide is the perfect gift for women of any age. Young ladies in thier twenties need this information, which women in thier fourties may have forgotten.

What woman doesn't want to be treated like a prince by her partner?

By giving this book to your wife, girlfriend, female workmate, neighbor, best friend, choir buddy or Mother, you are giving them the chance of a heightened romantic experience, with more love and less resentment.

This book makes a perfect gift because the recipient will become happier, by appreciating herself and her partner more.

Give the gift of love and happiness.
What more could anyone want?

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