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Blog » January 2014 » Resolve Anger, Reduce Resentment

January 2014

Resolve Anger, Reduce Resentment

Resolve, Resolve, Resolve...


In a relationship, we really need to ensure we do all we can stay connected and remain intimate - emotionally, physically and spiritually.


One of the most important bits of advice I can share is this: Be brave and keep discussing the important issues. 


It is the couples who avoid the issues, the couples who bottle up the anger, say. 'yes', when they want to say, 'no,' that become disconnected.


We need to continually:


Think as a team, yet keep healthy independance
Discuss the important issues and getttng back to peace and love
Focus on healing after an arguement, and
Keep our mind focused on having the best relationship possible

What can YOU do today to make your relationship AMAZING?


If we are distracted in love, we are distracted in life!


If you need help with your relationship, feel free to email me, make a booking for relationship counselling or get my book today ...and get back to LOVE!


Have a beautiful day, and a magnificent relationship...You deserve it.


May your love for yourself, your life and each other, deepen more daily.


Love Phoebe :)



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