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Blog » March 2011 » Why is a healthy sex life so important in a marriage?

March 2011

Why is a healthy sex life so important in a marriage?

While writing Honeymooners Forever, I wrote openly about marraige issues and solutions. One of the most important parts of the marriage relationship, is having a great sex life.

This area has many possibly challenges. The following, and many more, are addressed in my book under the Restore the Passion chapter:

Low Sex Drive (Low Libido),
How to have an Orgasm,
How to be a great lover,

I discuss improving the communication in marriage to improve the quality and frequency of sexual encounters. Marriage advice written for women, but indirectly for men.

I discussed how marriage conflict, particularly resentment in women, is a very big 'leg crosser'. Hence, if your wife is no longer 'seeminlgy attracted to you', you need to look at the way you are treating her. Is it respectful and loving, or is she becoming a martyr (working for you, but not with you, and feeling bitter - but not letting you know, directly)?

Since writing Honeymooners Forever, two areas have come to my attention:

1. One issue, that does sadden me, is the sexless marriage. I do believe that a marriage is an opportunity for man and woman to love each other, over and over, and strengthen their love, in this very special and sacred union. In a sexless marriage, usually one partner is left unsatisfied. I do think this is tragic. I still believe the techniques in my book can be applIed, and that there is hope, if both parties are wanting to change.

2.The other area is surviving the affair. Since writing the book, I have coached many women, and some men, through the despair of a parnters betrayal. This extra information is not included in the book, so please EMAIL me, and I will email you, Survive the Affair Warzone article.

May your love deepen daily,

Love Phoebe Hutchison

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