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Blog » March 2011 » Why structure your marriage?

March 2011

Why structure your marriage?

I was talking to my nine year old this week about all the different types of rules we have. There are house rules (like don't run in the house, don't wear shoes in the house), and then Mummy has her own rules (like workout at least every second day, watch calories, have quality time with everyone), but there are also relationship rules.

Life, just like relationships, would quickly become complicated and chaotic if we didn't have rules. The simple things such as: getting out of bed in time to get ready, doing the washing on the weekend, organizing grocery shopping, all keep the house-hold running smoothly, and make it less stressful.

Having rules for a relationship is just the same. When you spend quality time every day with your partner (and children), when you vow to treat them with respect and love, when you ensure resentment does not creep in by arguing effectively, when you give each other freedom...

These rules, among others, become the back-bone of your relationships. Relationship rules, such as those in Honeymooners Forever, 12 Step Marriage Survival Guide, become the strength that will keep you together, happily, through lifes storms.

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