Honeymooners Forever - 12 step marriage survival guide
Marriage Survival Guide
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Improve your financial situation

Money problems place added stress and pressure on a marriage.

When you have a limited cash flow, you have less freedom in your life.


It is not always about how much money you are making,
but how you spend your money.

Discover how you can be more financially successful in this chapter on simple ways to improve your family finances...

Get your finances under control
and enjoy your riches together.

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Readers' Testimonials

 I just wanna say that your book, while just a whole lot of common sense, has TOTALLY transformed my marriage. I am so proud of how I treat my husband; he is so happy too! I have been following the steps for years, and i could not be more blessed. It's a little bit like a diet - you can't just do it sometimes; you need to do it every day.

I can't thank you enough xo


Cranbourne, Australia.

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