Honeymooners Forever - 12 step marriage survival guide
Marriage Survival Guide
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Avoid or survive everything else life throws at you

When you get married, you assume it's just you and your partner.
But soon you realize there are lots of people,
and situations,
which you may need to run from.
In this chapter you discover who to run to, who to run from, and when to stop or start running...



Don't let other people, or addictions
destroy your marriage.

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Readers' Testimonials

Hey Phoebe,
I'ts Kate and Andrew  from your seminar in Frankston last Thursday night. Thankyou so much again for hosting that seminar, it has done a world of good for the both of us, and we are definately more aware of where we are going wrong, and what changes we need to make to strengthen our marriage even further now.  Again, many thanks for all your help, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kate and Andrew, Frankston,  VIC, Australia

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