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It's nice to have come across your book entitled Honeymooners Forever. Im an immigrant from the Philippines. I really enjoyed reading your book because i can relate to some of the situations i have with my hubby. We've only been here for 3 years and we're used to having helpers back home. After reading your book, the first thing I did was to buy a cheap but sexy lingerie...oh well it worked!!! I mean he went to bed early that night so we had a good time together. Some of the steps in the book might not work for me, but Ill get there - its a good starter.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Ada, Australia.


It's not even 10am and I have nearly read half of Honeymooners Forever. What is strange is, I normally have trouble reading books, but not this one. It's so easy to read and understand. I can think of lots of people who could benefit from this book!

Thank you so much.
Alison Texas USA


I have just finished your book! I think you are amazing!! I couldnt put the book down. (A girlfriend actually gave it to me as a gift last week). I am going through shit with my husband & have been for quite some time. Its made me see my faults as well as his, but I think he has to read it too!!! Mmmmmmm ;) Well done on surviving your relationship you sound really happy now. J I will be looking to buy more of your suggestions ASAP!!!

With love,
Anastasia, Perth, Australia


I am loving Honeymooners Forever. It is more than just great advice. Somehow, you effortlessly take a really serious subject, such as marriage, and create a really easy to read, informative and funny, book. I am single, but I will be applying many of the principals in Honeymooners Forever to my next relationship. I have really enjoyed reading it, so thank you. You just need to write a whole book for singles as well!

Anita  Westport New Zealand


Before I read the passion chapter I had to chase Brian all the time, to get any action, and I thought he had a low sex drive. Now, using the tips, I find he is chasing me! I wish I had known these tips years ago. I have more romance and passion than ever before.

Bianca  Karingal Vic Australia


My wife has completely changed for the better since reading Honeymooners Forever. All men are going to want to buy their wives this book! I am telling all my mates, if you want your wife to treat you much better, and be more enthusiastic in the bedroom, then buy Honeymooners Forever! I want to be your agent, because this book is going to sell like hotcakes when the word gets out.

Gavin  Cary Nth Carolina USA


I have to thank you for the change Honeymooners Forever has made to my life. My friends keep asking me, Why are you so happy lately? I tell them that I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. My friends want to borrow my book, and I tell them to go and buy their own. It's like my bible. I read it almost every night in bed, and can't wait to read the follow up, as I don't want this one to end. I read a little bit to my husband every night, and we just had our first date night after sixteen years of marriage.

Thank you so much.
Jackie,  Liverpool, England.


Hi Phoebe,
Long time no hear!!  Yes - its that lass from Venice beach (again)!  I hope your marriage seminar went well (In Australia).  Guess what!!  I didn't need to get the seminar cd!!!  After reading your book, and your emailed advice,  I have had a wonderful turn around in my marriage and our profound love for each other has been renewed and revived!  It is somewhat of a miracle!  It is sooooooooo wonderful to be back in that precious 'Garden of Love' again - laughter, love, joy and unity.  It is such a precious thing and so easily damaged - we have to guard ourselves wisely.
I want to say Thank you for even bothering to reply initially to my distressed emails.  That valley was a dark and difficult place.
It was very kind of you to reply and encourage me to 'fight the good fight' for my marriage.  I am very grateful for that.  Marriages are so unique and such a colourful blend of complex interactions.  Its a wonder any survive!  Well, Phoebe,  thanks again.  And i am so glad you are running Seminars - I am sure many will be blessed by them.  Keep up the great work! Come say hello when you are back in USA.

Fondest Regards,
Jan, Venice Beach, California, USA


Thanks Phoebe You are such an inspiration! I was in a horrible mood when I wrote the email. You always help to make me feel better, thanks. Looking forward to that Seminar CD!

Janine, WA, Australia.


Thanks for your inspiring words I have thought a lot about what you have said. I will keep you informed on how everything is going. But I would like to thank you for your help and all your book has taught me, and to some extent, her. I know this bit of toughness will only make our relationship stronger and lasting. I have started to do things for myself like I have started to attend a gym & I did get a copy of the power of now, as you suggested. If you are ever up this way let me know when and where so we can hopefully attend. (me and her hopefully). Thank you for your help. I will keep you informed how things go and hopefully you will have another success story for your next book or your next TV interview.

Jarrod, QLD, Australia



I would like to thank you for your help and all your book has taught me, and to some extent, her.  As you suggested, I have started to do things for myself like i have started to attend a gym. I will keep you informed how things go and hopefully you will have another success story for your next book or your next TV interview.

Jarrod, Queensland, Australia.


 I just wanna say that your book, while just a whole lot of common sense, has TOTALLY transformed my marriage. I am so proud of how I treat my husband; he is so happy too! I have been following the steps for years, and i could not be more blessed. It's a little bit like a diet - you can't just do it sometimes; you need to do it every day.

I can't thank you enough xo


Cranbourne, Australia.


I love Honeymooners Forever Marriage Guide. I have been applying most of the steps and am wrapped with the difference... What is really strange is that my husband can't stop reading it! I have never seen him read a book before in his life, so it's fantastic, and strange. Thanks again, Karen xx

Karen  Auckland New Zealand


Hey Phoebe,
I'ts Kate and Andrew  from your seminar in Frankston last Thursday night. Thankyou so much again for hosting that seminar, it has done a world of good for the both of us, and we are definately more aware of where we are going wrong, and what changes we need to make to strengthen our marriage even further now.  Again, many thanks for all your help, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kate and Andrew, Frankston,  VIC, Australia


Really, really appreciate you sending the book and cd. You are awesome!!! Things are going better and I am using your advise in several areas. I'll send some examples later. :) Loved the seminar cd!!! Thank you!!!!

A very loyal listener,
Katrina, USA.


Hey, my name is Kate. I live in Colorado and I was listening to you on Alice 105.9 Talking to Kim. I just wanted to say it is amazing how everything you were saying is exactly what my husband and I have been fighting about. I am definitely going to order your book but I just wanted to say thank you so much because I know your book is definitely going to help my marriage, if not save it completely!!!!

Kate, Colorado, USA.


I am so excited about your book. I have ordered it for my wife and I to read together. We have found ourselves in a similar situation to yours, as I just found out my wife had an affair on me after 21 years of being together. We are determined to make our marriage work and have already made great strides in doing so. We are going on a cruise in 20 days and are going to read your book while on the cruise. Thank you for writing it. May your book and our situation be a testimony to others that marriages can work after infidelity.

Thank you,
Dan, Florida, USA.


Hope your interview went well. Ive been listening to the SEMINAR CD and you just crack me up. It is soo funny !!! It has a very positive effect on me.

Thanks again for all your help.
Janet, SA, Australia.


I have read your book cover to cover and do agree and understand a lot more about how we came to this hurdle in our marriage but I am still struggling, being the person who was cheated on. I want to be able to move on as Im scared that when I have bad days and I tell my husband what Im feeling he is disappointed that I am not able to move forward. Anything more you can give me I will be grateful for. Thank you for your time again.

(Sent reader How to Survive an Affair tips, which will be included in the 2nd edition of Honeymooners Forever, and is available now, by email, to any reader). Thank you Phoebe, The information you sent was very helpful, and puts things in a different light. Thank you for your continued support.

Kay, NSW, Australia.


I loved your book. My only complaint is that it should be much longer. 200 pages is not enough. It's so enjoyable to read.

Kim  Utah USA


I just want you to know how much you helped me through the toughest time of my life!! I think back on some of those nights when I had no one to talk to! Please keep up the work that you do! And do let me know when you will be back in the states. I will do my best to get to whereever you are!! I am much better, still up & down some, but MUCH better!!!  Your hubby is a very lucky man, hope he knows that:).

Your friend,
Kylie, Alabama, USA.


Honeymooners Forever is the best book I have ever read. If everyone had a copy, world would be a better place.

Lisa  Pearcedale Vic Australia


My husband loves the book. He keeps grabbing it pointing to all the things he wants me to do, like the strip tease. 

Louise  Frankston Vic Australia


I have read a few marriage books, and they are all so damn complicated. I love the way I can pick up Honeymooners Forever, and flick to a page, have a read, and instantly my marriage is improved in that area. If you need more intimacy, and longevity, this marriage guide, Honeymooners Forever, is for you. It's based on common sense, and even if you've never seen a marriage counselor, and you're marriage is wonderful, Honeymooners Forever will still help, as it will keep you going strong. What I am trying to say is that this book is not just for those with marital problems; it serves as an excellent guide for happily married couples. Thanks for keeping my already wonderful marriage, strong, and for shedding a different light on some areas of my marriage.

Margaret  Attadale WA Australia


What You Say Thanks so much for the helpful advice...just when I needed it. When I bought Honeymooners Forever from your website, my life was pretty messed up. My perfect relationship had just gone bad, thanks to my partners' emotional affair. It was a total shock, and I just didn't know what to do, or if we could get through this. But through all the advice in your book, and the emails, we were able to get though this difficult stage in our marriage. You were like my lifeline, and I am eternally grateful.

Melinda,  Auckland, New Zealand.


I thought the whole book, Honeymooners Forever (prerelease version) was great, and had common sense. I had to read, it because my Mum and Wife were reading it. I was trying to concentrate on the cricket, while they were busily laughing away and discussing it. I thought, I had better read this damn book  I don't want to miss out. I'd just make one criticism from the passion chapter. It's politically incorrect to say, Throw your husband down on the bed and rape him. You should say, Ravish him instead. (This change was made for 1st Edition. Thank Ned).

Ned  Sunbury Vic Australia


I was very excited when my book arrived today. I immediately opened it and started reading. I have read up to page 41, Step Three  communicate well every day. So far, I like what I have read. It flows very well and is NOT boring, I am so interested, I keep turning the pages. I did flip ahead and couldn't help but notice the sex section (surprise, surprise). I was very impressed with page 79, habitual leg crosser, quote: If you reject his advances all the time you are literally chipping away at the very foundations of his being. This happened in my first long term relationship and it affected my self esteem so much, it took ages and ages to clear away the negative effects. Even though my wife now is very good at NOT doing this, in the early years I was sensitive. So I am impressed that you have mentioned this, because many women just don't get it. And generally men won't talk about it. I am looking forward to getting up to the sex section and reading ALL about it. Look forward to watching your interview on Oprah one day! 

Peter  California USA


Hi Phoebe, I recently purchased your book (through my local bookstore), after seeing it mentioned in an article in a Sunday newspaper. I have been married for 26 years but have felt a bit unhappy in the last 6 months.  It was like you knew me and my situation, and had written the book for me!  I found it easy to understand with very common sense and practical suggestions, and am still working out the best way of keeping the book’s practical steps alive and a part of our relationship. I was wondering how it is going for you and your marriage? Are the steps still working for you? How do you keep the steps alive and put them into practice? I was very inspired after I read your book as I feel that generally there is very little training or guidance in maintaining and keeping passion and love alive in long term relationships, especially marriage. Have you thought about or held any seminars or courses in this topic? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Sharon, Victoria, Australia.


 Oh My God! Girl, you SAVED my marriage again!!! I freaking LOVE the steps...You should be on TV again. You have a gift.

 Love your strategy to the moon and back!!!

Sharon, Carrum, Australia.


Thank you so much for all the emailed tips and free marriage guidance, after I bought your book. As you know, I would be divorced now, if it wasn't for your marriage steps. We couldn't stop the silent treatments, but the arguments chapter really worked for us. I also loved the romance and passion chapters, especially all the erotic suggestions. They really spiced things up. Thanks again. You're a life saver!

Simon,  San Pedro, Los Angeles, USA.


I found the arguments chapter really helpful. Its great to see a different side to mine. Thanks for the guidance when I really needed it.

Terri  Cranbourne Vic Australia


As I am reading your book, I am thinking of all our friends who DEFINITELY need to read it! It's almost as though you have written it for them! Some of our friends have just recently divorced, and I was under the impression their lives were perfect... oh well. At least this book will help our other friends. Thanks.

Tina  Cheltenham Vic Australia


I saw you on TV today  you are a rising star. Just wanted to say I am loving your book. It is interesting, insightful and fun to read. Now I just gotta get rid of the trackies and invest in some new tight fitting jeans. I hope your next book is as much fun as this one! 

Trish  Carrum Downs Vic Australia.

All the great advice / solutions that have transformed my marriage (and the marriages of hundreds of others), is included in Honeymooners Forever.

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